Aaron Rogers has condemned former Riders HC John Gruden for the email

King NFL MVP and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers did not mince words when asked about the situation.

On Tuesday, Rogers was asked about Gruden’s email on the Pat McAfee show. He replied:

“I know there are opinions like this, but I think they are very few and far between. Today’s players and coaches are more sympathetic, advanced, progressive, loving, connected kind of people. I’m proud we have that kind of locker room.”

Note: The following tweet contains NFSW language

Aaron Rogers through John Gruden PatMCF show: “There’s no place in this opinion game … that shit doesn’t fly.”

Strong in his thinking about Rogers Gruden’s comments

Several people have defended Gruden’s character and said people should forgive him. Rogers, however, said the former Raiders coach had no choice but to resign from his post. He said:

“We need to allow people to grow and change, but this opinion has no place in the game. It was very surprising to see that the matter went away so quickly, but I think it was probably the best decision for all parties. Hopefully, we Everyone can learn from it and grow as a league. It doesn’t fly. “

How do we proceed after this Zone Gruden email ?? , Change yourself and get better “AaronRodgers12

The ruling MVP of the NFL said at the time that he felt that most NFL players and coaches had an open mind and treated everyone in the organization with respect.

“I think in the locker room, it’s a close group of boys. The way we talk to people, they don’t behave differently based on where they come from, what they look like, how they look. I’m proud of that,” Rogers said.

The vast majority have condemned Gruden for what he wrote in the email, and it is true that not only do they have a place in the NFL, but in society as a whole. Most people have an idea about emails that reflect Rogers’ comments.

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