A wedding fits inside the construction of Oscar Isaac’s viral scene

Lately, it has become impossible for actor Oscar Isaacs to spend time on social media without looking at pictures in costume fittings for the recent HBO miniseries. A wedding scene. Instagram, Twitter — No platform is safe from its wire-rimmed glasses and salt-pepper curls. Hell, eh! The news even gave him their #ManCrushMonday crown. Now, the Oscars are a beautiful one, but the hangout here is mostly centered What is he wearing. How can a pair of slouchy brown corduroy, a tweed jacket and Normi ​​New Balance make everyone sweat so much?

An Answer: Appearances are the brainchild of costume designer and stylist Miyako Belizzi, best known for his work in the Safdi Brothers 2019 hit film Uncut gems. He has posted several looks of Isaac in the character of Jonathan, with half of the married couple at the center. A wedding scene, Friday. But if Howie Ratner’s boxy leather blazer and traffic-stopping yellow polo are a slam-dunk Halloween costume, Isaac’s character Jonathan’s subdued sweaters and cords are a sacred-grill model for superior everyday wear.

For Belize, the costume is always an opportunity to provide some behind-the-scenes story দেওয়ার to dive deeper into the world in which the character lives (and after the costume). A wedding scene Set in Boston, it fits like Jonathan’s outfit Gems, Has roots in New York. “So he’s a Brooklyn boy – the orthodox of Crown Heights, in particular,” Belizee told me over the phone, adding that he had left the world to be with his wife Mira, Jessica Chastain a successful executive. So does a transplant professor of philosophy in Brooklyn, whose heeled wife probably bought some of his clothes, wear when he’s not at work? And that’s how you get some earthy tones New Balance 993 here and a dress van notten cardigan there.

From the lusted-after capsule Collab between the LA-based label Fear of God and the Italian luxury house Zegna for the first episode, he wanted to start Jonathan in a major look. It has become his favorite throughout the series. “It’s very round, and that’s why I liked it because it made him look proportionately round,” she says. “Oscar, you know, he’s a beautiful man. It’s hard to look at him … no Dumpy… But it is difficult not to make him look good because he looks good in everything. I was trying to change her silhouette, at least at the beginning, [because] I wanted to finish [the series] The most gorgeous with it. “The color palette, filled with earthy brown and mustard yellow, is a tribute to Bergman’s original era. A wedding scene, Which premiered in 1973.

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