A retired French police officer identified as a cold case serial killer took his own life

A French police officer took his own life after being involved in a series of murders and rapes from 1986 to 1994.

Police use DNA evidence to identify Franোয়াois Verov as a “pockmarked man”, a serial killer and rapist who has escaped arrest for 35 years. Verov, 59, used his police card and handcuffs to abduct women and girls – much like the UK’s Sarah Award.

Cold-case investigators focused on the search for former military police officers. According to The Guardian, Verve took his life after investigators summoned him – along with about 750 retired officers.

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Investigators collected Verov’s DNA after his death, matching it with DNA from a crime scene to a cigarette butt and the sanitary protection of a victim.

Verov wrote a confession before taking his life, where he discussed “past emotions” and childhood problems that he claimed were “under control”.

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According to the French newspaper Le Parisien, the letter states, “I confess as a major criminal who committed unforgivable crimes until the late 1990s.”

“We were sure it was a police officer or a gendarme, both the violence he used against his victims and his tactics – the way he presented his tricolor. [police] The card, a certain number of things that the victims told him, “Didier Seban, a lawyer for the victims’ family, told France Info.” He knew all the tactics of the police. “

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Verov committed at least four murders and six rapes during his long decade.

Five unsolved murders have been linked to “Pockmarked Man” (or Le Grille). The name comes from a sketch based on eyewitness testimony that depicted a man with severe acne in his mid-20s.

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Verov was the father of two children and lived in a rented apartment in the Mediterranean resort of Le Grau-du-Roy. His youngest victim was 11 years old.

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