A republic, but only if you can keep it

By William Hapt III (Center Square)

“Our constitution works; Our great republic is a government of law, not of men. ”- Gerald Ford

Last week, one of the best days in history came and went without a sound from the White House or President Joe Biden. This was the most important event that changed the world forever. It marks the writing of enlightened ideas in a document that will be used as a reference for all future free nations.

Distorted by the democratic melodrama, only a few patriots celebrated Constitution Day.

Contrary to popular mythology, many of the first settlers came to America for self-determination, not just opportunity and religious tolerance. These were the enlightened Europeans who faced independence after the European Renaissance.

They knew that the tenants of the republic would protect their natural and God-given rights. Qualitatively they formed a republic to protect it.

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Although the signing of the U.S. Constitution was one of the most important events in history, it was not until 2004 when the U.S. Sen. of West Virginia. Public schools and government offices were needed to honor and celebrate the signing of the constitution.

As Ben Franklin left the Constitution Hall in 1787, a woman asked him, “Well, do we have Mr. Franklin; the Republic or the King?” Mr. Frank Franklin replied emphatically, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Those of us who have faithfully served our nation for decades have never dreamed that our precious constitutional rights would be threatened. Although they have been under attack since the Great Depression, with the new progressive movement, the breaking up of our Constitution has accelerated. And we’ve reached the pinnacle of justifying Ben Franklin’s violence.

Since he entered office, Biden has embarked on a mission to defy the U.S. Constitution. He rejected the carefully crafted image of a moderate pact maker to win the election in favor of the socialist progressive model that embraces a more left-leaning personality than the FDR or Barack Obama.

“Nothing happens in politics by accident. You can bet it was planned that way. ”- Franklin Roosevelt

Recently, Press Secretary Jane Sackie abruptly revealed that the Biden administration would not respect our First Amendment. He told reporters, “We are identifying problematic posts on Facebook that we think are spreading false information. About twelve people are responsible for this misinformation.

Psyche says people are posting approved information from the White House about the epidemic. Only government-sanctioned truths are now allowed to be repeated in a public forum. Yet a year ago, Dr. Anthony Anthony Fawcett said that Covid-1 was a “minor” risk. And wearing a mask was the opposite. In April, the FDA said the J&J vaccine could be fatal and that the virus had not been released from the Wuhan laboratory. Anyone daring to disagree, labeled Facebook as guilty of spreading misinformation.

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According to Psaki, does the White House’s view on freedom of speech only allow the repetition of information in a public forum that they approve? So, if they silence 12 people who are saying something that is not compatible with the federally approved COVID agitprop, will they re-establish the truth in public?

What is “wrong information” and what is not should be debated in public without the approval of the government.

Forcing the government to force private companies to print only what they say is true violates our First Amendment rights. Biden is “the authenticity of the U.S. Orwelian Ministry”; Prototype of America’s 1984 “Big Brother”.

“In times of deception, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

In a recent speech at the National Constitution Center, Biden claimed that the new vote and electoral law passed in the relevant state legislature is a 21st century Jim Crow attack on the right to vote. It’s not just untrue; It’s irresponsible, dishonest hyperball! Biden has deliberately violated the rights of the state.

“We are facing the most important test of our democracy since the Civil War.” – Joe Biden

There is no mention of voting in our constitution. Each state was required to write its own suffrage law. Applying popular, common sense rules for fair, orderly, and honest conduct of U.S. elections is not voter repression or racism. Biden and the Democrats’ rhetorical rhetoric detracts from reality and purposefully makes Americans distrust their democratic republic.

Establishing and maintaining an updated list of registered voters is a constitutional responsibility of the states and identification is required to ensure that voters are registered persons. Ballots need to be submitted on time. Voters have the right to secret ballots and protection from intimidation.

The constitution establishes three co-equal branches: the executive, the legal and the judiciary. One branch was given the power to restrain the other in order to prevent it from seizing absolute power. Yet Joe Biden, Orange Harris, and the Socialist Progressive Congressional Democrats have recently uncovered a conspiracy to pack the Supreme Court to use the Constitution to their advantage.

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The progressive view of the Constitution is that “what they like is constitutional and what they do not like is unconstitutional.” In his first month in office, Biden signed 40 executive orders to reward special interest groups. Many of these have already been declared unconstitutional by the courts.

“I was 229 when I came to the United States Senate; I think I’ve learned a lot since then. ”- Joe Biden

Article 2 of the constitution states that the president “must ensure that the laws are enforced faithfully.” Yet Biden has refused to enforce our immigration laws and protect our security.

The left has abused political power, bought votes with tax dollars and abused the epidemic to silence critics in the media. They are undermining the basic system of accountability that protects our Constitution.

Cicero told us, “More law means less justice.” Cicero was the greatest politician in Rome. His belief in limited government and constitutional law protected the Roman Republic for decades. Ians historians refer to Cicero as a “model of disobedience against oppression.”

When our founders set out to design a democratic republic, they used Cicero’s republic and wisdom as a model for drafting our constitution.

The democratic balance is maintained when the opposition protests the abuse of power by the party in power. If there is a sufficient number of objects, it will control the team out of control. But without credible public forums and accountability of the media, constitutional violations are out of control.

When respect for a constitution is lost, it undermines all belief in the democratic process, and republics are doomed to die.

“Every action of a representative authority against the commission under which it is enforced is canceled. Therefore, no legal act contrary to the Constitution can be valid. To deny this, one must make sure that the deputy is greater than his chief; That servant is above his master; The representatives of that people are better than the people. ”- Alexander Hamilton

Syndicated with permission from Center Square.

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