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Trade Fighter is a decentralized crypto-asset price forecasting app built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The Trade Fighter app provides a user-friendly gamified platform of various token pairs to obtain native TDF tokens to accurately estimate the value of alt tokens from BTC and ETH such as Doggy, Shibu and INU.

The Trade Fighter Team is working to add more resources to the platform, with BTC / USD and ETH / USD currently among the trading pairs available to users.

Below is how to connect to the platform:

  1. Connect to the app with a Web3 wallet i.e. Binary Smart Chain Wallet, Metamask.
  2. Submit BNB to the protocol.
  3. If he chooses a Bull (Assets will be forecast Upstairs) Or a Beer (Assets will be forecast Down).
  4. Commit a quantity to enter into a Bull (UP) or Bear (Down) contract with a specified time frame of 30 seconds to 24 hours.
  5. The minimum deposit equivalent to মূল্য 1 USD for the price forecast.
  6. The Trade Fighter algorithm automatically gains 97% with BULLS vs. Bears and the correct forecast of the user depending on the selected forecast period and the wrong user loses 100% of their initial capital.
  7. The trader takes the fighter 3% fee on the transaction.
  8. Platform’s Local Trader Fighter (TDF) tokens are paid to users.
All you need to use Trade Fighter is a connection to the Internet and a Web3 wallet. There is no tedious registration process or KYC.

Example trade:

  • For this model, when a user comes to use the platform when the BTC / USD pair trades for $ 50,000, the user can enter into a BULL (up) or beer (down) contract lasting 24 hours through Trade Fighter.
  • A user entering into a bull (up) agreement is betting that within their deadline, BTC will increase by at least one percent. If the BULL (up) user promises $ 1 USD and they are correct in their predictions against the beer user, they automatically pay the beer user অঙ্গ 0.97 cents of the pledge.

When a trade fighter does not match a trade, the user will be asked to ‘fight’ with the trade fighter bot. In this case, users predict as normal but against a bot, if correct, they still get 97% profit.

TDF: Trader Fight Token

Trade Fighter will include its own native utility token that will be used to make predictions on the platform.

In addition, DEXs and CEXs can provide platform liquidity through a combination of TDF / BNB, TDF / BUSD and will also give users the ability to earn fees from the platform by providing liquidity.

With the introduction of TDF tokens, the idea of ​​increasing demand by encouraging a strong community, from which the trade fighter team believes will lead to the introduction of a successful (and liquid) token.

See the White Paper for more information on trade figures and visit the official Trade Fighter website.

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