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A team of 18,000 people from all walks of life come together to serve you, our clients and the communities in which we work. Our staff – Our crew lives by a mission that includes taking a stand on behalf of investors and treating them fairly. Recent tragedies remind us that this commitment must extend beyond the realm of investment in order to support our colleagues and clients.

We condemn racism, xenophobia, and any kind of superstition, all of which are contrary to Vanguard’s values. We are united with the black community and provide our voice in calling for meaningful and systematic change.

We are on our own journey. As an employer, we strive every day to make Vanguard a more diverse and inclusive company – a place where everyone can reach their full potential. Where we still don’t want to be, our crew is leading through open conversations about race, religion, gender and sexuality. We are particularly grateful to our Crew Resource Group, such as the Vanguard Black Professional Network, who have challenged us to make our corporate community better and stronger.

Our staff is passionate about improving the social inequality in our community and pays more than 10 10 million of their own money each year for change. Unfortunately, recent social unrest underscores that there is much more to be done. Vanguard will pledge an additional 5 million to help organizations committed to tackling injustice and racial discrimination.

These actions are a step towards a future where our communities are safe and our crews have an equal opportunity to excel and do their best for you. We will not compromise and we are ready to work hard to make that future a reality. In June, U.S. offices in Vanguard will be open for business 46 minutes later than usual, as we observe silence for George Floyd and reflect on what else we can do.

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