A Louisiana State soldier who went public with allegations of brutality has been fired

A Louisiana state soldier has learned that he is being fired about a month after he went public with allegations of brutality and racism against his comrades-in-arms.

L-year-old Carl Cavalier leaked internal state police records about the death of Ronald Green, a black driver who died in 2019 after a collision with soldiers. Cavalier criticized the agency in several interviews.

The state police leadership initially gave Cavalier a five-week pay suspension, but this week the state police fired Cavalier for violating departmental policy.

Louisiana State Police Super Colonel Lamar Davis spoke at a news conference Friday, May 21, 2021, at La Baton Rouge about the release of a video of the agency’s involvement in Ronald Green’s death. , Held in a chokehold and beaten by soldiers, and his death is now the subject of a federal civil rights investigation. (AP Photo / Melinda Deslett)
((AP Photo / Melinda Dassault)

A spokesman for the Louisiana State Police told Fox News that “Trooper Cavalier has decided to proceed with the termination based on an administrative investigation that revealed he violated several departmental policies.” “It should be noted that our disciplined administrative process has not been finalized and Cavalier remains as an employee at this time.”

The spokesman added, “Punitive letters including policy violations will be made available.” “Cavalier is a fair and impartial process, and as such, the department cannot comment on any pending litigation.”

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State police dragged Green for an unspecified traffic violation on May 10, 2019, resulting in a high-speed chase. Reports of Green’s death were inconsistent, with authorities telling Green’s family that he had died after being hit by a tree and later saying he had died on the way to the hospital.

However, body-camera video released in May 2021 showed soldiers running into his car and using a stun gun to raise his hand inside his car. The soldiers then wrestle him and drag him away until Green becomes long and dies.

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The lack of any action prompted an angry reaction from Cavalier, who leaked state police internal files related to the investigation, requesting the release of body cam footage. Louisiana Governor Bell Edwards described the footage as “annoying and hard to see.”

Cavalier gave interviews to Baton Rouge and New Orleans media outlets where he expressed frustration that body-camera video had been leaked to the media before any punitive action was taken. According to a report by, he continues to press the issue by writing a fictional book under a pseudonym যা which sometimes describes his experience and misconceptions as an African-American officer.

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He filed a case against the state police on September 30 alleging discrimination at the hands of higher officials.

“After handing over the tickets to a drug officer at the Houma Police Department, the applicant’s supervisors began sorting out all the tickets and additional verifications,” Cavalier wrote in his application. “Body-wearing cameras that are not related to the use of force are not limited to watching video, requesting edits and / or rewriting of incident reports, receiving harsh criticism on minor issues where other LSP commission officers have not been reprimanded.”

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Cavalier claimed that he resigned in response to an internal complaint filed about the incident and was replaced several times.

Cavalier firing is expected to be effective within 45 days.

Louis Cassiano of Fox News contributed to this report.

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