A great deal on a full foam mattress slip system from MyPilo (discount – plus free!)

The good guys at Mike Lindell and MyPillow.com have cooked something special: a full foam mattress slip system when you use promo code TGP (Gateway Pundit benefits when you use that code).

With TGP promo code, you will get:

– 30 percent discount

– 2 free MyPillows

– 1 free set of Giza Dream bed sheets!

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If a bedroom in your home can use an upgrade, here’s a quick and easy way to do it:

Mypilo foam mattress has:

-10 years warranty

-6 months money back guarantee

– Free shipping (not shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, California or Canada)

Click here to get this deal (use promotional code TGP to get discounts)

People are crazy about Mike’s mattress:

– “We bought new mattresses for our 4 kids and they love them! Super soft and comfortable.”

– “I ordered the foam mattress from Queen. It arrived on time, easy to unpack and better than expected. I ordered a mattress cover as well and the next sheet will be ordered. Thanks Mike and Tim!”

– “MyPilo mattress is different! It gives perfect support and is very comfortable. Like all MyPilo products, I think I bought a high quality (made in USA) product that will make me use it for many years to come.

Mattresses include:

Layer 1 – Quilted MyPillow QDS® Fabric Cover
– This special comfort finish is soft and cool. It dries quickly and is resistant to stains.

Layer 2 – Plush gel foam layer
– The softest layer in the mattress, this gel foam helps to provide excellent stress relief and comfort.

Layer 3 – Extra soft comfortable foam transition layer
-This layer is made of plush, extra soft high density foam.

Layer 4 – Plush Transitional Comfort Foam
– Second layer with strong transition foam to increase the overall performance of the mattress.

Level 5 – Auxiliary base foam layer
– The same foam used in all MyPillow® products creates the perfect support base that makes the mattress strong and stable.

Click here to get this deal in a great sleep system.

When you check out, check this box:

Enter TGP and click “Apply”.

You will get your discount and support Mike Lindell and benefit Gateway Pundit.

Hurry – we don’t know how long this sale will last.


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