A federal judge has ordered a ban on Texas-week abortions

A federal judge on Wednesday ruled against Texas’ SB law, which prohibits women from having abortions weeks later. U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman issued an order blocking the law, a victory for proponents of abortion rights in the state.

“From the moment the SB effect came into force, women have been illegally represented by the exercise of control over their lives that is protected by the Constitution,” Justice Pitman said. “Other courts find a way to avoid this conclusion in their decision-making; This court will never allow this objectionable deprivation of this important right. ”

The goal of the SB of was to complicate the process of abortion in women after a period of women weeks. Opposing the ban on government officials, the Texas legislature passed state court laws against any clinic that performed abortions on private citizens.

CNN reports that anyone who violates the ban and assists in having an abortion could be sued in a state court and fined at least হাজার 10,000.

“Fully aware that it would be unconstitutional to deprive its citizens of this right through direct state action, the state has developed an unprecedented and transparent statutory plan to do so,” Judge Pitman wrote on Wednesday.

Pitman’s new order prohibits any state official from imposing sanctions and prohibits those officials from “adopting or docking, maintaining, hearing, resolving, paying compensation, enforcing justice, administering any administrative punishment and handling any case.” State law.

An anti-abortion group called Texas Right to Life called Pitman’s verdict “wildly widespread” and “surprising” in an attempt to prevent state judges and court clerks from fulfilling their legitimate responsibilities.

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