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My Nguyen and Cat Gonzalez, AoB leadership
Asians of Betterment (AOB) is an Employee Resource Strategy Group (ERSG) established in early 2020 to serve many Asian employees in Betterment. We saw an opportunity to build community on our shared backgrounds and experiences, especially when we moved to remote work.

At the beginning of 2021, we want to mark the Lunar New Year, a huge event celebrated by many sections of the Asian community. A great way for us to celebrate the Lunar New Year would be by sharing our family traditions and childhood memories. By spreading our stories within ourselves and outwardly through an Instagram post, it has helped us feel like visiting the community and given us the opportunity to share this joyous celebration with our colleagues. Hear more about how we landed in our final design.

Kim Pham, Brand designer
The idea of ​​this post was to highlight stories within the AoB community and share how people celebrated the Lunar New Year as children – most importantly, how we spent our red envelope money. The tradition of red envelopes is shared across many cultures and is usually given as a symbol of good luck and prosperity to the younger generation from the old to the new year. Those within the AoB team group who reached out and received a lot of feedback, some that were recognized as traditional themed celebrations and some that were more prevalent.

We thought it would be fun to post some reactions to the Instagram post. I have seen the design system of style closet, betterment, as the starting point for making this example.

Our iconography style, which covers our products and marketing, has a general utilitarian look that I used to convey the initial sketches. Although I was directly translating Lunar New Year images and cultural motifs into our brand style, it seemed that the images were missing which made this holiday such a meaningful celebration.

There is an innate courage to celebrate the Lunar New Year, ranging from striking red palettes, to tons of bets and strong-up decorations. I remember knitting on the streets of NYC Chinatown during the Lunar New Year, leaving a trail of confetti behind and jumping in with people from all backgrounds excited to take part in our culture. I wanted to find a way to bring that joy and excitement into the scene, so I tried to combine photography from Lunar New Year’s celebrations.

While it helped capture more vivid memories and emotions, we wanted to bring the designs closer to our brand style, and found a happy medium with these playful patterns. Lanterns, fireworks, paper decorations and Chinese coins were the inspirations for these paintings. The added color and detail, the design features of any red envelope, have helped give these scenes life and momentum. We weaved elements of these images into social posts and shared a version of them as a zoom background For organizations.

Palm do, AoB leadership

The power of design lies not only in attracting attention, but also in embracing identity, educating others, and building bonds of friendship. Kim’s lunar New Year’s design, Asian Tradition The design of Betterment and Betterment The tenants’ interactions highlight the bold and joyful features of Asian culture and identity, inviting communities of all cultures to join in the celebrations.

We partnered with the brand team to post lunar new year designs on Betterment’s Instagram page. Our Instagram was also used to celebrate Black at Betterment’s colleague ERSG, Black History Month. Betterment and Asians at Black at Betterment were able to celebrate and support our group’s history, struggles, resilience, and hope for a better future.

The Asians of Betterment are finding ways to keep pace with the lunar new year Bring our different identities together in celebration. Work in progress: Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, coming to our social media this May.

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