A 1969 letter from the California police chief suspects that Zodiac killer Cherry Joe Bates was involved in the murder, the group says.

The Southern California City Police Chief said when a young woman was killed in 1966 that the murder may have been related to a zodiac killer hundreds of miles away, although that is not related to the murder despite the department’s current location. To a group who have recently claimed to have unmasked the notorious killer.

Napa County Sheriff Earl Randall claims a letter from then-Riverside Police Chief Lambert “Carly” Kincaid, dated October 20, to Napa County Sheriff Earl Randall, said the killing of Cherry Joe Bates was similar to “following your zodiac.” “The suspect.

Brian Laundry Manhout: What makes a case ‘cold’?

The San Francisco Police Bay Area promoted this compound of “zodiac” killers. The FBI said the case was opened after an independent group identified the killer.
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There was Napa County where college students Cecilia Shepard and Brian Hartnell stabbed each other on September 27, 1969, during a picnic on Lake Beresa. Shepard died two days later from his injuries and Hartnell survived. A total of five deaths have been attributed to the amount that occurred between December 1968 and October 1969 in California.

Bates, a 1-year-old boy, was killed on October 1 when he was found dead with multiple stab wounds in an alley on the Riverside City College campus. In the letter, Kincaid said Bates had left the college library and returned to his car, which was torn so it would not start.

He was stabbed “numerous times” in the chest, once in the back and had his throat cut, Kinkad wrote in a letter to his opponent in Napa County. He was beaten and suffocated, he said.

Cherry Joe Bates.  A team of cold case investigators has claimed that Bates' murder was linked to the murder of Zodiac.

Cherry Joe Bates. A team of cold case investigators has claimed that Bates’ murder was linked to the murder of Zodiac.
(Riverside Police Department)

“There are innumerable similarities between your murder and our invitation. 352-481 [Bates case number], “He wrote.” I thought you should be aware that we are doing the same kind of homicide investigation. “

Following Bates’ murder, Riverside police received a handwritten letter in which investigators believed the murder may have been linked to a zodiac killer. In 2016, investigators received an anonymous typed letter from someone who confessed to writing the previous note and said it was a “sick joke.”

During his investigation, Kincaid said they had received a letter from someone claiming information about the Bates case that only the killer would know.

Riverside Police Chief Lambert "Curly" Kincaid led the Riverside Police Department from 155-192.

Riverside Police Chief Lambert “Carly” Kincaid led the Riverside Police Department from 1965-1972.
(Riverside City)

“There is no doubt that he wrote the confessional letter that he is a suspect in our murder,” he wrote.

Kincaid further noted that the letter contained numerous misspellings and punctuation errors, similar to the letter written by Zodiac Killer, which was sent to law enforcement and the media.

Case breakers believe they have identified the killer and say they have suspicious evidence that an Air Force veteran who died in 2018 also killed Bates. Kincaid said the footprints found near his crime scene were military-style boots.

Riverside police investigators do not believe Bates is related to the murder and the murder of the zodiac.

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“Our comment remains that our case is still unresolved and unrelated,” police spokesman Ryan Railback told Fox News.

In August, the department offered a 50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest or conviction of the killer.

Fox News has reached the Napa County Sheriff’s Office.

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