9 Best clothing rental service for every size, budget and lifestyle

Don’t get me wrong, I like a good shopping trip. To me, endless luxury wandering aimlessly on a sunny day with my sister, discovering new brands hidden in New York boutiques, trying to tear my eyes out, finding something that sings my heart out. But above all, in the world of doom scrolling and endless Instagram shopping advertising, I like how present and thoughtful I am as a consumer on this shopping trip.

Fight against conscious use and desire for justice Submission Something that I am constantly working on, especially because at the end of the day … I like clothes, simple and easy. This is where the world of clothing rental services came in to help me find the sweet spot of low rent while satisfying my love for fashion. Oh, and the added bonus? The time spent intentionally and remorsefully bought is not insignificant.

I’ve done research so you don’t have to – the best clothing rental service here that will change your shopping habits and revitalize your closet.

Runway Unlimited Rent

              Why would you want that?: Want to stand in the crowd while holding a bouquet at your friend’s upcoming wedding? Maybe you have a job interview at a cool company you know and want to wear clothes to impress. Or maybe your everyday attire needs a tune up. Rental The Runway features eye-catching occasion-wear and stylishly crafted work wear, including designer pieces from TB, Regina PO, Club Monaco, Tori Birch, Reform, Jason Wu and many more brands.

              How it works: Choose from two plans: Unlimited or Update. Unlimited Members offers more than 5,050 designers up to 3,000; There are also Unlimited Option to change items. For those who have chosen the update, you can choose from ০০ to00 worth of design00 designer items, but you can only swap once a month. Nevertheless, both memberships allow members to rent up to four items at once.

              Price: RTR Unlimited, 159 / month; RTR update, $ 89 / month

              Rent the runway now


              Why you would like it: Why should you only borrow fashion from your friends? Joining the community closet at Tulerie, the peer-to-peer clothing rental app allows users to rent and rent the full spectrum of their wardrobes from each other. When you expedite countless cupboards – hello wine gems! Make money together by opening your doors. The main part? Everyone is incredibly respectful – every new member is tested through FaceTime so you can feel confident about sharing your favorite pieces.

              How it works: Download the app, browse, then request a rental. It’s that straight!

              To rent, simply accept the request and send it. Clothes Be sure to clean your clothes professionally when they are returned to you using the fee paid by the customer.

              Price: Each listing is priced individually.

              Rent now at TULERIE


              Why would you want that?: If you’ve already spent on your retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Anthropology and Free People, why not take the hassle-free rent from the good guys at the parent company URBN every month?

              How it works: First, fill out a short quiz about your size and shape. Once your personal editing is complete, you can browse the outfits and choose six rentals per month, including new season items. Prices also include laundry and clothing repairs. Buy any item of your choice and Nuli will give you a discount, which varies from brand to brand. Give back what you don’t need.

              Price: $ 88 / month

              Rent nuli now

              Art Republic style passport

              Why would you want that?: Art Republic Style Passport is another clothing rental service that makes dressing up for work a quick and seamless process so you have more time for the things you need (sleep, sleep, podcast).

              Details: After arranging your own closet, you can rent three items at once and wear them as long as you want, or return them using your pre-paid labels. You have the option to receive more items at any time of the month (some services only make a bulk shipment).

              Price: $ 85 / month

              Rent now in Kala Republic Style Passport

              Fashion to figure

              Why would you want that?: 12 women24 and XL – 3XL sizes made for women who want to choose unlimited stylish clothing options, fashion to figure will make you look and feel your best. Not to mention, they also carry accessories so you can top off your look.

              DetailsThe Fashion to Figure Closet member can rent three styles from owned brands, and return and repeat as many as you want. If there are any items Absolutely Can’t take part, FTFC will only give you 50% off the retail price.

              Price: $ 54.95 / month

              Rent now in fashion

              Guinea bees

              Why would you want that?: Gwynnie Bee’s website has stylist-curated sections like Work and Weekend so members can easily browse the outfits for each occasion. The service is exclusively for women in sizes 10 to 32 from brands such as Calvin Klein, Modcloth and Eshakti.

              Details: Before you even decide to make a commitment to Gwynnie Bee, the company offers a free trial that lets customers rent two items a month. After your trial period ends, the price increases based on how many items you want to take at once. The most expensive box can rent you 10 items and costs 199 199.

              Price: Starting at $ 69.95 / month for two items

              Rent now at GWYNNIE BEE

              Vince Unfold

              Why would you want that?: Pinterest-girl closet You have been tempted suddenly within reach. Vince Unfold is a great way to use the brand’s offers, ranging from wind linen to leather and velvet suits for the upcoming holidays that will give you your best look.

              Details: Vince Unfold members are encouraged to maintain at least 10 items in their virtual closet; The company sends four at a time. You can wear them for as long as you want in the month and exchange them for the whole month whenever you want. Vince Unfold also offers discounted prices on all offers to members so you can keep whatever you want or return your items for a new batch.

              Price: $ 160 / month

              Rent now at Vince Unfold

              New York and the company’s closet

              Why would you want that?: Defeat the mall crowd and bring the latest arrivals of New York & Company to your door.

              Details: New York and company closet members have the opportunity to add up to 25 items to their virtual closet so you have a better chance of finding your true love piece. Three of these items will be sent monthly; Come back and replace your preferences as many times as you want.

              Price: $ 49.95 / month

              Rent now in New York and Company Closet

              Style Land

              Why would you want that?: Suppose Real rents real runways. Style Land lets designer items be rented from members Other Human toilet. Listen to me: You can rent designer bags, dresses, outerwear, anything from brands like Zimmerman, Self Portrait, Emilio Pucci, Chanel, Christian Dior instead of paying the full retail price.

              Details: If you’ve ever wanted to pick up Chanel’s signature tweed suit for a test drive or haven’t decided yet if you want to add a Louis Vuitton handbag to your collection, Style Land has all the brands you could ever dream of. You can rent a designer piece for seven days, return it, then rent again. The Super Affordable monthly fees can come as a shock, but unlike other rental services, the list isn’t that extensive, you’re only renting items for a week, and you can’t buy the things you like (unless you talk directly to the seller and they Trimmed Emilio Pucci jacket given ok).

              Price: $ 7.95 / month

              Rent in Style Land now

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