83% of Americans demand socialism because the government wants to lower the price of medicine

A new poll shows that 83% of Americans want the government to reduce drug prices.

Americans want too much medicine to lower prices

According to a new Kaiser Family Foundation health tracking poll:

Initially, 3% of the public said they were in favor of allowing the federal government to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to reduce drug prices on behalf of Medicare beneficiaries and individuals enrolled in private plans. This includes 11% Democrats, 5% Independents, and %% Republicans, as well as a majority of seniors (%%), who would be most affected by such a provision.


When asked specifically about each argument, the Republicans argue in favor of the majority (%%), including three-quarters (%%): “This is necessary because Americans pay more than people in other countries, many may not be able to afford their prescriptions, and The profit of the pharmaceutical company is very high “- believable.

On the other hand, the argument against one-third (%%) – “the government will be involved and less new drugs will be available in the future” – is credible. About half (5%) of them are Republicans.

Even among Republicans, The Build Back Better Is Socialism argument is not working.

Perhaps, it is true that Republicans have been calling for every democratic concept of healthcare socialism for decades which has weakened the argument, but a more logical explanation is that the threat of socialism does not frighten anyone as much as Americans pay too much for prescription drugs.

Democratic plan on prescription drugs as opposed to socialism. It uses the free market to reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

Democrats are reaching an agreement on a build-back better agenda, and since they are looking to cut costs, one of the areas they don’t touch well is discussing the cost of low-prescription drugs, because at least on this issue Americans want their “socialism.” ”

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