7 The trend of baby names will be seen in 2022

Every year promises to bring new trends in style, food, design and even baby names. With just a few months to go until 2022, experts at baby naming site Namberi have shared their predictions about what those trends will be.

In particular, they identified 10 trends to influence parent name choice the following year and gave some notable examples. As always, Namberry experts make their predictions based on patterns from Social Security Administration data, user behavior on their website, pop culture, current events, and more.

The latest sections draw from television, nature, music and even specific characters and words. Continue scrolling to see the seven trends and see Numbery to read the full list.


The Namberry team believes that the epidemic unrest will lead many parents to the names of light, playful babies like Birdie and Pixie.


It seems that Netflix’s Regency-era novel adaptation “Bridgeton” is also out of the streaming platform around it. The people of Nemberi have identified the names of many characters that they expect to increase in popularity in 2022.

Letter ‘R’

“The names of the little ones really pack a kite, and that energy and simplicity will naturally appeal to parents in 2022. We see that perfectly powerful unisex R names are starting to emerge, especially as middle names,” Emmer Waterhouse wrote in Nameberry.

Retro nostalgia

According to Nameberry, most of the old ones often become new again and this will probably be the case with 2022 baby names. They’ve identified retro baby names that brighten up a simple, sunny time.

Euro chic

Waterhouse noted, “The name of the most beautiful Euro Chic baby of 2022 sounds like Copenhagen as they do in London or Amsterdam or San Francisco, which is appealing to sophisticated world travelers.”


We are accustomed to seeing names ending in letters like ‘a’ or ‘r’, but ‘s’ endings are not very common. Namberi experts believe this will change for both boys and girls.

Fleeing nature

Being trapped at home during the epidemic has given birth to the gigantic travel and desire to go out. For example, the Namberi team thinks that parents can get inspiration from nature – even with beautiful landscapes like “The White Lotus”.

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