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Chase Sapphire Preferred: The card is probably one of the most popular credit cards to start dipping their toes into travel prizes. And that’s exactly it. Sapphire offers a low annual fee of choice, bonus category, flexible release options and many other benefits.

And yet, you may not be aware of a few more reasons to consider Sapphire desirable, including a historic historical sign-up bonus that may be available for new cardholders for a short time. Let’s take a look at the six benefits of Chase Sapphire, why this card can fit in your wallet.


Use your points to spend the holidays at the Bahamas Grand Hyatt Baha’i Mar.

For the past few months, Chase Sapphire Preferred has been offering new cardholders 100,000 bonus points The first three months after opening an account you spend $ 4,000 to buy. This is the highest sign-up bonus we’ve seen at Sapphire Preferred and it’s now the highest sign-up bonus on Personal Chess Ultimate Rewards credit card.

But it seems you may have little time left to take advantage of this offer. Because Chase has repeatedly confirmed to the flyer website The Points Guy The last day of earning 100,000 bonus points is fast approaching.

And with these points you can do a lot. For example, you can redeem 100,000 points for a five-night stay at the luxury Grand Hyatt Baha’i Mar in the Bahamas. Or, if you prefer to use your points for air travel, 100,000 points can get you a round trip ticket to Europe at United and you still have points left.

After all, if you’re hesitant to travel anytime soon, the points earned with Sapphire Preference never run out unless you keep a Chase Ultimate Rewards credit card open – even a card that doesn’t charge an annual fee. So you can always save your points now for the badly needed holiday on the street.

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If you haven’t traveled yet, you can still use the points from this card that you’re doing at home right now, and at a great release rate.

Now, as of March 2022, Chase Sapphire’s preferred cardholders receive 1.25 cents per point when redeeming points through the card’s “Pay Yourself Back” tool. The tool lets you use points to make purchases on Airbnb and via

You will receive 1.25 cents per point as you unload them for travel through Chase’s travel portal. This means that whether you redeem one of your blue preferred points for travel or one of the “Pay Yourself Back” categories, the 100,000 points you earn from the sign-up bonus is worth at least 1,250.

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One of the best aspects of Chase Sapphire Preferred is the ability to transfer your points between 14 airlines and the Hotel Loyalty program that is part of the Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Aer Lingus AerClub Air Canada Airplane Air France-KLM Flying Blue
British Airways Executive Club Emirates Skywords Iberia Plus
Jet Blue True Blue Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Southwest Fast Prize
United Mileage Plus Virgin Atlantic Flying Club
The world of life IHG Rewards Club Marriott Forest Fear

Point transfer from Sapphire is preferred in all these programs in a 1 to 1 ratio, which means that for every 1,000 points you transfer, you will get 1,000 points or miles in the airline or hotel program.

While transferring points and using a partner program takes some time and research, it allows you to get as much value as possible with your points by booking a luxury trip like a first or business class flight or having a resort in a foreign destination.

Now, if you prefer simplicity when booking your travel itineraries, you can choose to redeem your points and get 1.25 cents directly through your chase travel portal. While it costs less than what you can get by transferring points to partners, for many, it’s an easy way to use your points.

But if you’re willing to be a little strategic and flexible, you can come up with some amazing travel itineraries by transferring points to a partner program.

Start earning points by flying first class with Chase Sapphire Preferred.

Chase Sapphire Preferred 2 points for every dollar spent on your trip (or a total of 5 points if purchased through Ultimate Rewards), 3 points for dining, select streaming service and select online grocery shopping and 1 point per dollar for all other purchases. As the tour begins more extensively and restaurant restrictions in many areas have already been lifted, these are a pretty ideal set of bonus categories. Also, many food delivery services are counted as “dining” as desired.

Sapphire Desire has a brand new annual credit: up to $ 50 for hotel bookings when you book through the Chase Ultimate Rewards travel portal. If you can take advantage of this credit every year, you are effectively halving the $ 95 annual fee even before you take advantage of the other benefits of the card.

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And Chase Sapphire has another limited time advantage of choice. Now, as of December 31, 2021, Sapphire Choice cardholders receive statement credits of up to 60 60 on Pelton Digital and All-Access membership. Just create your Sapphire preferred default payment method on your Peloton profile and you’ll see credits a few days after your subscription charges.

Combine points from your favorite Chase Sapphire with other Chase Ultimate Rewards credit cards.


Combine points from your favorite Chase Sapphire with other Chase Ultimate Rewards credit cards.

Chase Sulfur Preferred is one of several credit cards that are part of the Chase Ultimate Rewards Points program, and if you have more than one of these cards, you can deposit points from all of them together into a large container of points.

For example, Chase Freedom Flex is advertised as a cash back credit card, but the cash that it earns is actually issued in points. So while Freedom Flex is designed to bring back 5% cash from a set of bonus categories that revolve around each quarter, it still technically earns 5 points per dollar in those categories.

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Now, if you only have Freedom Flex, you can get a maximum of 1 point for your points (as 5 points equals 5% cash back). But with Chase Sapphire being preferred, you can move your points from Freedom Flex to Sapphire Preference and redeem more than 1.25 cents per point for travel or with the “Pay Yourself Back” tool.

You can even transfer your pooled points to Chase’s airline and hotel partners, but only if you have a Chase Sapphire or one of the other premium Chase credit cards that charge an annual fee. This is a great exclusive feature for a card that charges 95 95 a year.

A credit card with powerful travel benefits will come in handy when you’re ready to hit the road again, and fortunately, Chase Sapphire offers many ways to protect you not only to save money but also to avoid or cancel unfortunate trips. Situation.

When you use Sapphire Preferred to pay for your trip, you will have Baked-In Trip Cancellation Insurance, Baggage Delay Insurance and Primary Auto Rental Insurance and you will not pay any foreign transaction fees. But so far our favorite advantage is trip delay protection.

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Thanks to Chase Sapphire Preferred Trip Delay coverage, if your flight is delayed by 12 hours or more or requires overnight stays, up to $ 500 can be reimbursed for a reasonable out-of-pocket cost for each of your family members. Save. Reasonable expenses include accommodation, food, transportation and other necessary charges.

Even better, you are covered even if you pay for a portion of your flight with your chase sapphire choice. This means that if you are using Airline Miles to book a prize ticket, as long as you pay taxes and fees on that prize with your sapphire choice, you are still eligible for full trip delay protection coverage.

Get Chase Sapphire preferred and relax while you travel.

Even putting aside the 100,000-point sign-up bonus offer, Sapphire is a top competitor of choice in the case of travel credit cards, thanks to its bonus category, valuable transfer partners, travel benefits and the unique opportunity to return yourself with points. And if you don’t travel now, if you have the opportunity to travel once in the future, you’ll be ready with a top travel credit card and burning points in your wallet.

So if you are thinking of getting a Chase Sapphire Choice, this is your last chance to grab one and get the best 100,000 bonus points in addition to all the great benefits of this classic travel credit card.

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