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We ask buyers in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors for their thoughts on the industry.

This week, our 6 questions Lisa Ann.

Lisa is an Elliott Wave specialist trader, with over 20 years of experience in traditional diversified stocks and products, now trading cryptocurrencies exclusively. He ran and co-owned Get Started in Crypto, Thousands to Millions and The Moon Mag with Josh Taylor. Lisa is extensively experienced, with previous business ventures including Satoshi Sisters, Trading Place VIP, D .. Partners and Coinrunners. Outside of business, Lisa has a rich career in the media and film industry, with a cryptocurrency-based screenplay titled “CoinRunners”, which she hopes will be filmed by the end of 2021.

1 – When you tell people in the blockchain industry, how will they react?

Does anyone say they are in the “blockchain” industry? Crypto, baby, all the way! I’ve been telling everyone for years to buy Bitcoin (BTC) and various cryptocurrencies, and now that Bitcoin is close to $ 45,000, all of a sudden it’s attractive – more attractive at 45 45,000 than $ 200. That was the price when I was actually telling people to trade bitcoin. I shook my head and smiled when those people would ask me. The reactions, though, are polar opposite – most of the time, people respond with interest or they see me with the naked eye. None of the above.

2 – What will happen to Bitcoin and Ether in the next 10 years?

Let me get my crystal ball – it got a practice during the bull run. I never like to look so far into the future, because a lot can happen in just two months in crypto. So, 10 years is like an eternity. Both could be dinosaurs, and we know what happened to them.

3 – Does it matter if we ever find out who Satyoshi is? Why or why not?

Depending on who you are asking. Different things are important to different people.

People define Satoshi differently, and thoughts and ideas – who or what – bring new ideas, changes and conversations. I have a family connection with the name Satoshi and have not yet reached out through an interview without mentioning it (Joan). But to be honest, I’m just interested in living my life, sharing my experiences in the world of crypto and letting others create their own minds.

4 – Which Celiar: $ 500,000 Bitcoin or $ 0 Bitcoin? Why?

Both are not stupid and both have arguments.

$ 500,000 Bitcoin is a simple argument from a commercial point of view, worldwide acceptance and an extremely old, ancient financial system. With just 21 million BTC excavations and a 2021 world population of over 7.8 billion, there are currently 18,821,768.75 BTCs in circulation as of this writing. Then imagine that 30% to 50% of the initial supply may be lost because the primary paper wallets have been destroyed or the hard drives no longer exist, or simply because they forgot the password to access them. It’s a closed market model that makes it even less so day by day, so demand must be higher than supply, which has made $ 500,000 bitcoin a strong reality. Money is basically a technology that reinvents the barter system and Bitcoin is a technology that can reinvent how we transact worldwide.

For $ 0 bitcoin, you guys are trying to convince me of the family ties and the BSV camp argument that when Craig Wright removed the Genesis block, BSV bitcoin and BTC became obsolete. I personally don’t think BTC will go to zero even if he does. My analogy is that if we look at the blockchain as the road we drive and every cryptocurrency we drive, I probably prefer a Porsche 911 because it looks faster, smoother and better to me, but down the road Bob likes his Prius Because it is reliable and saves energy. They can both drive successfully on the same road – such as crypto, bridge and inter operability – but more people like Porsche on the Prius. So, don’t be Bob – be like Lisa!

5 – From smart deals to DApps, NFTs and DeFi, we’ve seen a lot of crypto’s next “killer apps”, but none of them have stopped completely yet. What will stick?

That app can be used by anyone without the need to understand terminology or what it is, which changes their lives. The same goes for apps in the non-crypto world. A successful app has to be simple, it has to solve a real-world problem and it has to be done efficiently, because the spans of attention are getting smaller and shorter.

The truth is that most people just want solutions, regardless of how things work, although I would like to suggest that people in the crypto world are more interested in understanding how things work. It’s really impressive when you get into it! Think mainstream output with an underground construction. Despite being built around technology, most apps will go away without mentioning anything to do with crypto! It doesn’t have to be a defined feature that grabs the viewer.

6 – Have you ever bought an unwanted token? What was it? And if not, what do you think will be your first?

I always buy and sell NFT when trading. Am I the owner of an unwanted industry? Not now. My problem at the moment is that the art is on display. I have trouble displaying art on the LCD screen. I think having a photo library on my iPhone is no different than pulling memories while feeling nostalgic, but having a big, ugly LCD screen on my wall defeats the purpose of the ধরনের 69 million giant industry. I believe NFT can transform the music and media industry, allow artists to automatically distribute royalties, and I want to see my CoinRunners movie funded in a way that exposes the cryptocurrency industry to the public. So, to answer that, I would like CoinRunners to be my first NFT.

A wish for the blockchain community:

If you can dream it, you can achieve it, so don’t stop trying until you find a way!

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