31 Best Hair Dryers for Sitting at Home

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Finding the right blow dryer is like finding the right partner. Many have been chosen that make the whole process irresistible. Do you want to be slow and steady, or top of the line? Is your Aphrodisiac a high powered motor? Is it all for heat, or will it do something cool for your lifestyle? And even when you know all their qualifications, the extra burden of understanding your own needs is enough to make the right choice. Maybe you need something that works with you, not against you. Maybe you want to try something completely new. Are we still talking about blow dryers?

The point is, I want you to have all the information you need before you settle down. Blow dryer is not like SO. You really need one. And now that salon visits are hard to come by in quarantine, you’ll probably reach far more for your new hot tool than in recent years. So there is no better time to invest in a great hair dryer. When you work from home to perfect blowouts, the right tools are important to achieve a salon-level look. A hair dryer can cater to all hair types and needs থেকে from natural curl extensions and frizz removal to being environmentally conscious and travel-friendly. Our choice of choice for the front, shine, volume and everything in between.

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Best easy styling


If you have straight hair that needs some bounce, or you are a curly girl interested in getting a smooth blowout without damaging your pattern, this styling brush pair makes it easy. The round brush attachment gives insane volume, while the paddle attachment makes it easy to smooth the lock for a saloon-level blowout that you can do at home.

Best 3-in-1

Max Prime Wet Dry 1.25 “Rolling Styling Iron

The amount of damage is quite extensive due to the need for a blow dryer, flat iron, and curling iron to do the job of your choice. So why not combine all those steps into one simple tool? Unlike traditional flat iron, you can use it on wet hair to get your shiny or beach look without the need for multiple tools.

The best de-freezer

Smart Styling Infrared Hair Dryer

If you provide a blowout at home but in most cases an unreasonable amount of refrigerator is available, use a dryer with infrared technology.

Best for instant beauty credit

Airrap ™ Styler

Every beauty junkie knows that Dyson Aerorap Styler is the one you can achieve any hairstyle. Dyson conducted 7,000 acoustic experiments targeting sound, weight, and speed before launching the game-changing dryer with celebrity hair guru Jane Atkin. Also, with their incredible technology, it is one of the safest tools for damaged hair on the market.

Best for thick hair

Ionic anti-static dryer

This blow dryer comes with a peak attachment that is ideal for rough drying and suitable for anyone lucky hair density. It uses iconic technology to make hair look shiny, hydrated and never tangled or stagnant.

Best for bangs

Thermalite dryer brush

Now that you probably have screen bangs, it’s time to style them properly. The easiest way to make bangs frizzy and unkept is to use a blow dryer without adequate precision. This blow dryer brush is perfectly sized to target short lengths especially for everyday styling.

Best for damaged hair

Explosion: Infrared hair dryer

This blow dryer style is not quick and easy, it actually adds moisture to the hair and helps to strengthen the hair by protecting the ions while styling. Ever heard of a crime-free hot tool before?

Best for removing the fridge

Soleil Hair Dryer Blush

Flyways This high power dryer bears no resemblance to a negative-ion generator that reduces shaking and increases brightness. Bonus points for its cool motor and millennial pink finish.

Best for smooth hair

Helios Hair Dryer

Leave it at GHD to create the smoothest yet effective hair dryer. Smooth hair has been simplified, thanks to its light weight 1875 watt brushless motor for low noise levels.

Best for compact power

Powerful mini dryer

Get style and compact design without sacrificing quality and performance. This green, purple, pink and yellow travel-sized model from America is small but powerful, with 1200 watts and dual voltage.

Best for lightweight styling

IQ Perfeto Hair Dryer

This future-looking dryer is the lightest in its class. Engineered in Italy, its motor has three speed levels at 110,000 RPM and uses oxy-active technology to protect hair cuticles.

Best according to Amazon

Professional ionic salon hair dryer

With over 12,000 ratings on Amazon, this top-rated pick is a favorite for its “long cord and great price” and being “lighter than many on the market” according to reviews.

Best for volume

One step hair dryer and volumizer hot air brush

Increase the volume with a hair dryer brush. This model has an oval design and nylon bristles, which are perfect for achieving bounce while sitting at home.

Best for travel

Space Saving Compact Pro Dryer

Take this small but powerful hair dryer at your next goal run. Celebrity hairstylist Kristen S.’s tools are not only effective, but also affordable. This model was designed for travel, with a folding handle for easy storage and dual voltage.

Best for quick drying

Air Professional Performance Hair Dryer

If you are constantly coming out the door, halve the drying time with this powerful 1600 watt AC motor. Ionic technology works to seal moisture, while reducing refrigeration and flyways.

Best for a custom blow dry

Porcelain Ceramic Carrera2 Dryer

Porcelain ceramic helps distribute heat to promote healthy hair. This model has six different heat and speed settings for custom blow dry.

‘Best for the village

Healthy heat pro-light hair dryer

The back of this beautiful lavender hair dryer has a powerful 1600 watt engine with dual voltage, 2 speed and 3 heat settings and 108 inch power cord.

Best for the environment

Parlax Eco Friendly 3800 Dryer

Good for your hair And Environment. This eco-friendly hair dryer uses recyclable packaging and is made from recycled materials, while reducing motor drying time and power consumption.

Best for curly hair

DevaDryer and DevaFuser

Get the curls of your dreams with this dryer-and-diffuser combo. The patented Devafuser provides 360 degree airflow to further enhance your natural curls, and you’ll get defined waves and curls without the fridge for this dynamic product.

Best on a budget

Vivid & Vogue 1875W Negative Ions Hair Dryer

Need something that will get rid of the fridge, soften your hair and not break the budget? This hair dryer checks all your boxes with its negative ionic function, meaning your hair won’t attract static, and nozzle and diffuser attachments for styling – all for less than $ 40.

Best for all hair types

Pro Dryer 2000

Harry Josh Pro Tools is a favorite among professionals: the Pro Dryer 2000 is equipped with the most heat and speed settings to suit your needs.

Best for perfume lovers

Styleset professional dryer

High beauty concept

Price: $ 110

This dryer of high beauty concept comes with some unique features, including blue UV light for scalp conditioning and healthy hair stimulation and a jasmine scent that activates when turned on (really!).

Best for silky hair

GrapheneMX professional dryer

This new, fast-acting dryer from Bio Ion uses a proprietary blend of graphene and other minerals to help you refrigerate and condition hair as it dries. Even rough, color-treated hair will feel incredibly silky to the touch and will shine for the day.

The best handless hair dryer

Neuro Grip Hair Dryer

Although it may seem strange, a handleless hair dryer allows better control and comfort when drying and styling hair. This Paul Mitchell model is light weight, but has a powerful motor for both heat and cooling.

Best for your flattening replacement

Reverse air dryer

As difficult and frightening as this contraption is to see, this “reverse air” dryer presents you with a brilliant solution to protect heat-styling from harmful. You put your hair inside the tube, and the water pulls away – before and after, even very curly hair straightening, very impressive.

Best for shiny hair

Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer

Dior is equipped with an ion generator that will reduce stability, fight against frostbite and increase the overall shine of your hair. The included barrel brush also helps to create brightness and create a complete blur.

Best for damaged hair

Power Diva Pro Style Dryer

Ionic tools such as traditional hair dryers that heat the air at room temperature produce ionic particles Dissolve Water your hair, thus preventing moisture.

Best for soft hair

Italian Gold Blow Dryer


The goal of the Italian designed hair dryer is to reduce the fridge while increasing the softness. The negative ions of the iconic generator create a conditioning effect on your strands to seal the hair cuticle. Bonus: The hard shell casing protects the internal system from drops, falls and all major accidents.

Best for fine hair

3200 dryer

This powerful dryer boasts four temperatures, two speeds and an anti-overheating device, making it ideal for heat management for fine hair. High temperatures are your biggest enemy when drying fine hair, so keep this dryer in the lowest option, then cool it to set your style.

Best for salon results at home

Buttercup Blow Dryer

Your favorite blowout bar has created their own tool to get the same results without going to the salon. It includes a narrow nozzle attachment, perfect for styling your bangs.

Best for strong heat

Infinity Pro

The blow dryer packs a lot of punches with the help of a powerful AC motor that provides quick airflow during quick drying and low heat exposure for your hair.

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