3 Potential Russell Wilson replacement Seahawks should be noted

The worst fears of the Seattle Seahawks have been confirmed. Quarterback Russell Wilson underwent surgery on his finger after suffering an injury against the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday. Wilson is expected to be out for at least a month and possibly 6 to 8 weeks.

Should the team gamble for a new quarterback when Wilson is out, or is the best option in the long run to stick with Gino Smith?

If they go with the former, here are three possible replacements for Wilson:

Russell Wilson replacement: 3 possible options

# 1 – Cam Newton

The advantage of being the best free-agent quarterback is that you will become an option for every team that needs one. Newton was healthy and had a great offseason with the New England Patriots. He will keep the Seahawks’ playoff chances alive until Wilson returns from injury.

Cam Newton’s thoughts – Seahawks? I don’t hate it ….

Wilson’s style of play is unique and only a handful of quarterbacks in the NFL can replicate his influence on the field. But Newton has a strong arm and the ability to run the ball and be productive. For the stopgap option, it can get as good as it gets.

# 2 – Mitchell Trubiski

We know that the Trubiski franchise isn’t good enough to be a quarterback, but he’s a great option as a backup.

Trubiski is an athlete, can throw deep, and has enough experience to lead the team in the simplest part of the schedule. He will come cheap, as he has a one-year contract with the Buffalo Bills for just 2.5 2.5 million.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New Orleans Saints
Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New Orleans Saints

# 3 – Gardner Minsheu

Minsheu doesn’t have the tough hands to explore deep balls like Wilson, but his intelligence and decision-making are top notch. If your backup can avoid turnover, this is a great way to continue your offense.

Minsheu was recently sold to the Philadelphia Gulls for just a sixth-round pick, so his price will be lower. He’s still on his rookie contract, so the salary cap will easily accommodate him.

Looks like the Gals have found a solution to the quarterback position, with Jalen Harts as the starter and Joe Flaco as the backup. Philadelphia could recover a draft pick for the Minshaw and would be a suitable replacement for the Seahawks for Wilson.

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