24 Best Blue Dress Shirts for Men in 2021: Ralph Lauren, Brioni, Jay Crew and more

The best blue dress shirts for men are trend-proof. There was a time, not too long ago, when we were here GQ Believing in some strict and quick rules about men’s clothing: there was only one right way to fit the suit, only a proper tie width that you would ever think of wearing, and that you should never, Never Wear a short brimmed Fedora. (Okay, the latter is still true.) In 2021, though, there are virtually zero rules left. The suits are back in a big way, but nowadays they can be compressed and shortened লা la thom brown, as big and lapel-less as the EC Mia joint, or land anywhere in between. One thing that hasn’t changed at all, though? Our unwavering and unwavering belief that every living person is as handsome as all hell in a great blue dress shirt.

What “great” means to you is, of course, changeable. We were looking for a specific collar size and a specific color that we call very modest. “GQ Blue , That’s awesome too. You have options, and whatever you choose, you can be sure that you will look smart and sophisticated and perfectly together – because this is the best blue dress shirts for men. Some things are really in fashion No. Never change, and for that, we are grateful.

The best everywhere is the blue dress shirt

Polo Ralph Lauren Easy Care Extended Poplin Shirt

If you’re something like us, when you need something as simple as a blue dress shirt, your first inclination is probably to go to Ralph Lauren. Believe in that instinct. The king of American men’s clothing built his empire largely on the strength of such a perfectly implemented fundamental force: the cut is flattened; Cotton is specially woven for a beautiful hand and just hints at stretching; The collar is a medium spread that will be long with or without a tie. Add it to a completely reasonable, sub-$ 100 price, and there’s really zero reason to waste extra time thinking about it.

The best blue dress shirt to notice

Gucci Oxford shirt with GG logo

Maybe you’ve gone into this wild style era, and now fear that a classic blue shirt won’t match the rest of your trippy, ball-to-wall wardrobe. If so, Alessandro Michelle has got your back. The bombastic Gucci designer can’t help but bring a little sharpness to anything he touches, and he embroiders it here with a long, 70-style point collar borrowed from the Italian home archive with a monogram logo. It’s weird enough to turn some heads, but not so much to take off his timeless shirt.

The best blue dress shirt for business

Bonobos jetsetter stretch dress shirt

When you go out on the street for work and want to create the perfect idea, this shirt has to be relied upon. It is neat and crisp on all sides, with a snow-blue color that would require a razor sharp pair with a trimmed dark suit and tie. As an added bonus, easy-to-iron cotton should fit neatly in your suitcase. The less time you spend on the iron in a hotel room, the better.

The best extreme rich guy blue dress shirt

Bruni Sky Blue Sea Island Cotton “Bruniko” dress shirt

You ask, can a simple blue dress shirt cost around $ 1,000? The answer lies primarily in the fabric: this puppy is made entirely from the cotton of the sea island, one of the most luxurious, rare, softer than the planet’s newborn-puppy-yeast cotton fiber. Things are grown and hand-picked in extremely limited quantities in the Caribbean and then woven into the delicate fabrics you see here. From there, it’s in a shirt made by hand in Italy that really looks and feels like a million bucks. If any is taken literally, it means you are actually getting it at a 99.9% discount. What a theft!

Best last minute blue shirt

Calvin Klein non-iron herringbone dress shirt

Surprise! Meet the top brass pop ups on your calendar in person, but all your clothing shirts are in the dry cleaner বা or worse, peat-stained and yellowing in your closet, waiting to go to the dry cleaner. We were all there. (If you find yourself there too often, the problem, dear reader, could be you.) What was the reason for the panic is now an excuse to order a grip of new door shirts that will be faster than your door you can call “promotion”. In addition to the advantage, Calvin Klein’s perfectly orderly button-up will still be the winner. It comes with all the features of its valuable counterparts, including a smooth point collar, a fit that is thin but not suffocating, and plenty of moisture-waking features so you can keep your cool under pressure. Congratulations: You have nothing to worry about except those annoying talking points.

The best in-a-pinch blue dress shirt

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Nordstrom trim fit non-iron solid dress shirt

Working with a tight budget? Forgot to pack a dress shirt somewhere? Nordstrom your answer. Unlike the button-ups of most department stores, it is not scarred to the touch or embarrassingly sheer. Instead, it packs a ton of value in a serious wallet-friendly package: excellent slim fit, quality fabric, sturdy collar. As far as entry-level options go, the adoption of Nordstrom is as difficult and effective as possible.

18 more love blue shirts

Todd Snyder + Hamilton on the last dress shirt

Cut from Egyptian cotton woven in Italy, assembled in Houston: Finally, a dress shirt with a descendant as universal as you.

Brooks Brothers regular fit regent dress shirt

The trend comes and goes, but a flexible Brooks Brothers dress shirt is forever.

Turnbull and Acer double-cuff cotton shirts

If the Tony Jermaine Street address makes you tingle, Turnbull and Acer have Just Shirt for you

Sid Mashburn spread collar dress shirt

In a confusing search for any kind of new outfit, some of the feeling is more satisfying than navigating the Sid Mashburn web store (bookmark it already!) And let the team take the wheel at Atlanta-based Hubbardashari. Now why the fuss over the formula?

Umit Benan B + striped scarf-neck silk-poplin shirt

Involving preparing your voice for the sold-out arena while going to work is the only dress shirt you should wear.

Emma Willis Sky Oxford Cotton Shirt

Handmade side gusset, carved collar, And The real mother of pearl buttons? Emma Willis for the original dress shirt stan.

Van Hugen Classic Fit Poplin Solid Dress Shirt

If your shirts look like you’ve fallen asleep shortly after putting them on, it’s time to board a wrinkle-resistant train.

Husband poplin classic collar shirt

Ice ice baby.

Charvet blue cotton shirt

How are you the first name in formal shirting? Churning out clothing shirts that consistently provide detail, develops a culture that follows violence like any streetwear subreditate along the way. (Okay, it also helps to set up shop in the mid-1800s.)

COS Organic Cotton Slim Fit Dress Shirt

You don’t have to scream all your shirts. This one whispers that you have a really sick taste.

The Armory by Ascot Chang end-and-end spread collar shirt

A match made in men’s clothing paradise.

Comme des Garcons shirt is the classic shirt of all time

There is little reason to look elsewhere when the line’s “shirt” has its heinous name.

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SK Manor Heel “Dexter” shirt

Bet you never saw it Interior Pocket on a shirt before.

Uniqlo non-iron slim-fit long sleeve dress shirt

Ironing board chalk. Instead a handful of cops.

Wells weaver “Gabriel” cotton-poplin shirt

A contrasting collar tells the world “I’m wearing it because I am I want No, because I have to. “

J.Crew Ludlow Premium Cotton Dress Shirt

Specifically designed to sync with your Spiefest Ludlow Tailoring, and a slabby pocket T-shirt with its own button release.

Tommy Hilfiger regular fit non-iron dress shirt

Forget those Belovy Gingham short-sleeve button-downs: Symbolically American, like taking Tommy’s blue shirt.

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Club Monaco stretch poplin dress shirt

A little cleaner-lined than most of us for real-deal minimalists.

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