2023 NBA Draft Possible Report: Immune Bates of Memphis

Emmony Bates has been quite famous for quite some time. Considering the singular potential of many in the U.S. outside the NBA over the past few years, the six-foot-eight gunner is somewhat difficult to evaluate.

After playing his first few years of high school basketball for Ipsilanti Lincoln High School in Michigan, taking the team to a new state championship and ending his sophomore season abruptly due to an epidemic, he moved to a prep academy run by his father for his junior year.

There were some chances to play high-profile opponents like Cep Holmgren’s AAU squad Tim Siegel of EPC Prep Academy, Mike Williams’ Lake Norman Christian and Tie Tie Washington’s AZ Compass Prep but his schedule wasn’t really packed with highly respected powerhouses.

Bates, who has not been a part of USA basketball so far, has missed out on opportunities to participate in FIBA ​​events that could give him a better idea of ​​how he can fit into a framework of other high-profile possibilities.

The closest thing we’ve seen so far is when Nike joins the AAU Squad Team Final in a qualifying event on the Nike EYBL circuit before returning to Bates Fundamentals (another program run by his father) for Bates Pitch Jam. In that setting, there were moments where Bates was seen demonstrating team-based skills such as getting ready to shoot in spot-ups and hitting Dive Man in pick-and-roll.

But for the most part, his perception of the game remains the same. Bates is seen more as a ball-dominant wing, playing with a natural tendency to pull from long distances, regardless of the screen or screens. It’s rare to make him for others in volume or influence the game from the ball.

At the other end, he’s competitive enough defensively on the ball but still hasn’t built up enough strength to hold his field in isolation or post. And in addition to the occasional highlight block, it is very rare to see him participate as an assistant defender.

But despite the general understanding that his development may have been somewhat stagnant, both in terms of skill and physique, Bates is being seen as a potential star.

Last month he decided to re-classify in the high school class of 2021 (ESPN ranked him third) and joined Memphis in the upcoming season, hoping that Penny Hardway’s guidance could help him build a more reliable shot maker for others and make his shots. Packages can be complementary

Although his January birthday, the 17-year-old will not qualify for the 2022 NBA Draft.

Isolation is a crime

At this stage of his development, his game is based entirely on pull-ups. Bates is a gunman who takes every opportunity he can to show long range bombs by showing the past range of the NBA line.

After showing the ability to hang dribbles, step-throughs, pull-backs, spin moves and three-pointers out of the gate, Bates improved his footwork as a junior as a junior and was often seen creating divisions as well as step-and-step-backs. Through.

In isolation his handle is quite decent for someone of his height, bets in-and-out dribbles and low crossover flashes to keep his defender off balance from time to time.

His shot selection leaves something desirable, as you would expect from a teenager whose entire team was made to adjust to his presence, but the most worrying aspect seems to be that he can be considered a fairly one-dimensional one in isolation.

Bates may get by less capable defenders in crossover-and-go moves but does not take particularly quick first steps out of stability and struggles to maintain his balance through communication, as his height is due to the underdeveloped frame.

He’s a willing passer-by with two balls to drop-off and kickout, but has yet to show anything particularly impressive in terms of the court’s approach to the move.

Pick and roll offense

His handle on the pick-and-roll is a bit more basic, but Bates has shown a new sense of using or reducing the ball-screen to attack on both sides of the pick.

He’s also naturally interested in finding pull-ups off-screen; Stepping into a three-pointer, getting his spots near the elbow and even occasionally turning the step-back three-pointer forces his guy to overplay a potential drive.

But while the Epsieau Prep / Bates Fundamentals could give him enough space, Bates acted as a real threat to attack on the way down or to his snake down the alley.

He has an explosive lipper a foot away where there is room to take place but is often seen jumping two feet in traffic. He has shown fairly impressive flexibility to adjust his body in the air with a rim protector parked between him and the basket, and despite his slim frame, Bates can finish some acrobatics through communication and on the way here and there.

He is now often among the basic finishers who look for loops at speeds below the rim.

In his time with the team final, Bates proved to be able to execute basic reeds to hit the roll man upwards and toss some good time lobes while running. In his new season with Ipsilanti Lincoln High School, he brightened up some appealing court looks on the weak side of the top and the good rhythm broke into the three-point line at pick-and-pop.

But the way he played this past season, it is not understood that he is able to make more advanced readings in terms of traffic he can stay at this stage of his development.

Post offense

Bates likes to hire his guy once every time, but mostly as a device to clean that side of the floor.

He is not very physical to establish the position of the post and is often pushed to the three-point line. As a result, Bates rarely sees the kite working with its back, instead opting to face and turn the jumper from the job-step or slow crossover.

He has yet to show any ability to act as a shot creator for others.

Off-ball offense

His time with the team final was important because it gave him the opportunity to play more team-based basketball-filling the alley in the passage and getting ready to catch-and-shoot at the spot-ups; It was rare for him to see anything like that while playing for YPSI Prep and Bates Fundamentals.

He can play on the rim as the goal of the lobbies but has not yet developed a skill to make this option more regularly available on the half-court through the cut.

Bates occasionally lays an unrivaled foundation, which brings him closer to his knees than you are accustomed to seeing, but despite the need to dive fast for rhythm, he has good fluidity in overall vision and stretches himself perfectly for high release.

In addition to the basic spot-up and rapid stop-and-pop bombs in the transition, Bates has yet to develop versatility for its release প্রায় often without the opportunity to appear on screen or act as a screenwriter on a pick-and-roll.


Bates is reasonably defending the competitive ball.

He sits more in a hunched posture but is quite well placed from side to side and slides out in a straight line. Bates has no frame and cannot play hard enough on the chest and holds dribble penetration through contact. Players of similar size can successfully gain strength.

That lack of physicality also hits him in the post, where it is rare to see him fight too much.

Ypsi’s preparation was usually to him as a weak side defender.

The level of his busyness from the ball is not necessarily disliked, as he would occasionally make plays off the driving lane and jump some passing lanes here and there in impressive fashion.

Bates was also impressed with his speed and his balance in closeout, which enabled the shooters to run from the line and stay connected from the bounce at his best moments.

However, he is not usually a very influential help defender. Without the occasional highlight, Bates is not an asset that revolves around the rim – rarely does legitimate shot blocking act as a threat but rarely helps crowd the area around the rim.

He’s not naturally interested in joining the scrum and helping the boxout, anyone close to him, and he doesn’t let his own guy do hard boxing.

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