2021 Best Beauty Black Friday Sales

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Fellow Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday shoppers are excited, as the big retail therapy weekend is slowly but surely on the horizon. And while, sure, we beauty fans can always find a reason to invest in a new hot tool, sunscreen or the latest and greatest viral product, nothing sweeter than knowing an ‘ol’ discount bigger than that. Thus, making a plan for the biggest shopping days of the year is, most importantly, why you and I are here.

Although the cost-effective holiday weekend Extravaganza is a month and beyond, many of our favorite brands haven’t revealed their plans based on holiday weekend sales. Don’t worry, though! Based on what they did last year, we’re here He Have a clue what you might expect to see this year, or at least find out which brands are participating in the massive online commerce event. So up front, find out our favorite products marked for last year’s Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday that you should take this tour. Add them to your cart now to get ready for the big day, and bookmark this page as we update it with more information.

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Daily cleaning and conditioning duo

For the first time on Olaplex for sale on Black Friday in 2020, if you bought two full-size products, you got a free Olaplex No. B bond smoother. (How amazing is this gift though ?!)


Stay eye liner all day

In 2020, Stella has given a 0% discount on your purchase so that you can choose the best-selling makeup like this liquid eyeliner.


Unplugged Styler – Cordless Flat Iron

In 2020, GHD took a 20% discount on tools, hair brushes and styling products, and a 30% discount on platinum black and white styler. At 11/30, they get a 30% discount from GHD Glide and a 20% discount on other tools, hair brushes and styling products like this cordless flat iron.


Jet lag mask

In 2020, 20% discount was offered on Summer Friday, and on Cyber ​​Monday, you got the same discount but with free shipping. Be sure to snatch their best-selling jet lag face mask, which can be used with wet or dry face.


Retro matte lipstick

In 2020, all Mac customers received 25% extra daily deals in addition to their full purchase. (I’m crossing my fingers at a deal for this year’s lipstick.)


Blue overnight repairs

In 2020, Tacha has given a 20% discount on all your purchases on Black Friday. On Cyber ​​Monday, you get a 20% discount on your purchase and a three-piece mystery gift when you spend 250 250 or more. Be sure to keep an eye on this super nutritious overnight cream when shopping this year.


KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub 10% AHA

In 2020, you get a free travel-sized version of every bestseller (such as this KP scrub) you buy, and get 0% of your entire purchase at First Aid Beauty.


Lux Diamond Eye Gloss Trilogy – Sunset

In 2020, on Black Friday, when you buy something at, you’ll have to choose between a $ 15 e-gift card or a free item. On Cyber ​​Monday, you get a 50% discount on SiteBap. (What a thrill!)


Piss out acne point

In 2020, Peace Out offers a 25% discount on SiteWide, which is a complete steal if you, like me, are obsessed with their acne cure point.


Gold Last Dry Shampoo

In 2020, Oribi offered 20% liter size shampoo and conditioner with a special code. I’m crossing my fingers that the deal applies to their amazing dry shampoo this year.

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