20 Best Gold Watches for Men in 2021: Epic Timepieces for Every Budget, Style and Occasion

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In the old days, gold watches for men were part of a uniform that included a three-piece suit, shiny leather sole shoes and a haircut known as the “executive”. Fortunately, when dress codes have relaxed enough since your grandfather’s day, the lure of gold watches is as strong as ever. The rich, bright glossy tones of a gold timepiece don’t carry the old school gravita, there is an almost infinite variety across every imaginable style and price point. That means you can choose from a gold-tone stainless steel funky 80’s digital watch, a Swiss masterpiece in solid 18k rose, or an elegant alternative to the price of a vault.

Gold watches for men are surprisingly versatile, but in general, a slimmer, more refined timepiece works best with a slimmer, buttoned-down look, while chunky ones work best with off-duty fits. Besides this, there really is only one rule that matters: like perfume and animal prints, little gold goes a long way.

Whether you stay behind the $ 70 Timex or the $ 10,000 Rolex, choose the classic yellow gold flash or choose something more subtle on the leather strap, this is the absolute best men’s gold watch for every taste, budget and occasion.

The best gold watch below 200 200

Timex T80 watch

This throwback from the days of the Armani Power Suite and Spandex is the best tribute of the 80’s. Cobra Kai.

Skagen Ancher Midnight Clock

Danish designers have perfected modern minimalism, and as you can see from these gold-colored, black-dial watches, they continue to work less-than-better than anyone else.

Breda pulse watch

If you have a kid with a 1970s digital watch and a gold bar, this is what this fun little unit would look like.

Bulova classic watch

If ever there is a watch that needs to be worn with a turtleneck and a mustache, this is the tonneau shaped Bulova.

The best gold watch below $ 500

Teesta Heritage Memphis Watch

Designed by Ettore Sottsass, founder of the Memphis Group (and father of post-modernism in the 1980s) in 1988, this Tissot revives the bright aesthetics, subtracting the squiggly lines and also a tasteful hit of gold.

Timex Marlin automatic watch

Comfortable, versatile and classic ভাব think of this analog butt as the black lace-up brogues of your watch’s rotation.

Q Timex republish clock

In addition to the big floppy lapel and Atiur movies, the 1970s was a prime time for this type of gold sports watch. Directly from the Timex archive, it’s ready to add a touch of degradation to your biggest fall fits.

Seiko 5 sports watch

Much like the Timothée Chalamet, the Seiko 5 sports looks good on almost everything from head to toe, including gold.

Below 1,000

Movado Bold Fake Bracelet Watch

Think minimalism and maximalism can’t work together? This damage to the Movador Museum Watch says otherwise.

Hamilton Ventura watch

The good news: The world has changed a lot since the 1950s. Even better news: this Elvis-approved watch hasn’t changed a bit.

Casio G-Shock watch

When the answer is “How much gold do you want?” Yes. “

Tissot Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80 watches

Like your loafers with your dive watch, two-tones are better than one.

The best gold watch below $ 5,000

Watch the presence of longines

If this dress watch is more formal, it will be wearing a white tux. But that doesn’t mean it won’t look right with jeans and a button-down.

Bulova Breton Watch

Original Art Deco watches from the 1920s are now nearly a century old, making them both expensive and moody. It offers all the smooth look of an era and you have no problem wearing a 100 year old antique on your wrist.

Frederick Constant Highlife COSC watch

This low-key Swiss brand is known for its modern design and high-performance movements (at a relatively reasonable price). This highlife Frederick Constant does the best job with its carved dial, rose gold plated case and a movement certified by COSC (the official regulator of Swiss watch accuracy).

$ 2,295

Frederick Constant

Rado is the new original automatic watch

As the first watch to feature a scratch-proof case and a sapphire crystal, the Diaster was the watch’s future in the 1960s. Scratchproof metal is much more common nowadays, but the delightful weird case of the Diaster is still a flex – especially in gold-tone PVD.

The best gold watch when price is no object

Cartier Santos Watch

One great thing about this old-school pilot watch is how much it has changed since the early 1900s. But we think we can survive by adding a case and bracelet made of 18k pink gold.

Chopard Alpine Eagle Chronograph Watch

Like what this family-owned Swiss brand makes, every detail of this chronograph was carefully considered in millimeters. The result? The perfectly aligned screws on the bezel, the ethically-derived rose gold, and a COSC-approved automatic movement have been developed, manufactured and assembled by Chopard.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18k watch

An 18k gold watch is good, but an 18k gold watch with a green dial is good.

Jacket Droz Grand Ivory Enamel Dial Watch in seconds

In a gold watch (and almost everything that matters) quality is more important than quantity. This slim and 18th century design of 18k red gold let you show the way.

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