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Eyes are the window to the soul but let’s not pretend that eyebrows are not so important. Perfect eyebrows (Ahem, Zendaya) are not born overnight; It takes a lot of training, threading or waxing, and a tough search for the perfect bro gel.

“Eyebrow gel is the easiest way to control eyebrows and make them fuller and brighter,” said makeup artist Tasha Brown, who has worked with Yara Shahidi, Logan Browning and Maggie Bates. “I use clean brow gel and brush brows on top and outside for basic makeup. Using my eyebrow powder and making small strokes like hair. Generous coating of colored bro gel for a clean, believable effect.”

Like many beauty lovers, her favorite gel is none other than the cult-loving Glacier Bro Boy. On the front, Boy Bro and 19 other gels that will keep your eyebrow play strong.

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The creamy wax formula adds natural bulk. Boy Bro is available in clean, brown, black and blonde colors.


Bro Expert

Anastasia Beverly Hills Bro Gel

Anastasia probably wrote the book in Browse. The chamomile formula is great for keeping your brows in place but it also has an impressive chamomile formula that condition your hair.


Master hold

Achieve the perfect Kim K-level browse with this gel made by his right hand man. The clean gel shakes out your short hair and puts them in place for a huge, bushy look.


Glue the eyebrows

Avoid bar soap and reach for NYX Bro Eighteen. Technically it’s not actually an adhesive, but it’s a strong hold that says otherwise.


Tinted and Clean Kid

Kosas eyebrow gel exists somewhere between the gel and the mouse. With 10 different shades, new ones have every shade to create a natural shade or if you are an expert, create a chic ombre.


Dynamic duo

For a layered eyebrow look, Refy creates a multi-tool gel with a brush and comb at one end for precision, and smooths the eyebrow applicator on the other.


Blow out bro

With the help of her tiny brush applicator, Uma Beauty’s Blow Out Gel licks every short hair to create a bright, yet polished eyebrow.



Get your dream layered browse with this simple one and done tool from Patrick Ta. Makeup Maven’s Bro Gel comes in a transparent gel that embraces your natural texture.


Waterproof one

If anyone knows the way around the hair, this is the European wax center. Their offer extends a bit further, the brand’s bro gel is water resistant and adds volume to your hair.


The best

Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara

Clean mascara can separate lashes for a polished look, but it also works on eyebrows. A low-key defines and shapes the formula for daily vibration.


Beach staples

MAC’s waterproof brush-on gel will keep your eyebrows shaped and shiny for eight hours. You can choose between clear or dyed shades and even apply the formula for a full facial makeup on your facial hair and facial hair.


Fiber factor

Wunder2 long lasting eyebrow gel for waterproof eyebrow makeup

This waterproof and smoke-proof gel is filled with hair-like fibers to give the eyebrows a full look. The gel lasts a wonderful three days, so you can apply and live your life.



Bro Tech comes in a travel-sized portable version for those who never seem to be stationary. One edge provides an angled, waterproof pencil and the other a strong hold gel and keeps your hair in place.



Benefit Cosmetics 24-HR Bro Setter Shaping and Setting Gel

Equivalent to the eyebrows of a topcoat nail polish, this gel works all day in your pencil.



Sephora bro highlighting gel

Meet the latest bro gel from Sephora. The formula is created by enhancing the eyebrows for a defined look and highlighting the pearls to free the sculpture. Keratin and pro-vitamin B5 also work to nourish and hydrate fine eyebrow hair.


Universal Shed

The universal shade works with all eyebrow colors to fill in the sparse patches and keep the hair all day long. Continuous use of keratin and ginkgo biloba helps to create full eyebrows.


Magic Growth Serum

Ardel Bro and Lash Growth Accelerator

Did Spurs Browse take you down? Ardell, famous for his lash collection, now offers a protein-packed hair growth serum that damages the brow. Over-plucking will be a distant memory with this Growth Serum.


Push-up bra for bras

Maybelline New York Eye Studio Bro Drama Scalping Bro Mascara considers Maybelline’s Bro Gel “The Push-Up Bra for Your Browse” in 2015. The title is still true with the colorful gel mouse of the beauty brand Oz Sculpture eyebrow mascara. The product is as applicable as a mascara and provides color, definition and long lasting hold.


Designer Fix

It has a two-in-one system for refillable and combed brow look and additional details for extra structured brow with pencil.


K-Beauty Killer


There is nothing worse than a forehead that is accidentally erased due to daytime activities. This killer bro gel and marker combo is a perfect pair that can keep any eyebrows up all day.

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