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Work from home Great. But if you do it full time, you probably need more than your laptop and kitchen table. Fortunately, many of us on the Wired Gear team have been working from home for years, testing a ton of products along the way. If you need anything, a bunch of our favorite gear is being discounted right now.

For more recommendations, check out our complete guide to home office gear, plus our stand for laptop stands, webcams, rats, keyboards and paper planners.

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Laptop stand and desk deals

ObVus Solutions Laptop Tower Stand

Photo: ObVus Solutions

It has been the laptop stand champion of our kingdom for the past one year. It often sells for around 70 70, but if you click the on-page coupon button, you can save an extra 5 5. This stand is absolutely great. This keeps your laptop very high and tilted, so you will be able to sit or stand during the day. I’ve been using it for a year and it hasn’t lost an ounce of strength. Considering how expensive laptop stands can be, it’s a steal.

As laptops get faster and thinner every year, they also seem to come with fewer ports. We need a good docking station for that. It doubles as a small stand, giving your laptop a slight lift that you can combine with a good laptop stand if you want. It has ports for HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, SD (and MicroSD) cards, USB-C, USB A, Ethernet and 3.5mm headphone cords.

The ObVus tower is great, but if you want to stand with a laptop, monitor and individual keyboard and mouse most of the day, you need something bigger. The FlexiSpot EN1 is a good alternative. The instructions can be a little frustrating, but if you can make it without losing your mind, it’s cheaper than the best standing desk (before the discount!). It rises 28 to 48 inches high and has three height presets that you can save for quick switching. There is also a version without a preset for less than 70.

This standard desk isn’t the cheapest, but it’s still cheaper and a better price than last year’s 130 130. It opts for particleboard instead of the highest quality materials, but it lacks functionality or consistency. The minimal design allows it to fit into your existing setup as well, instead of getting stuck.

Monitor and mount agreement

Vessels portable monitor

Photo: Vessels

We recommend taking a separate monitor, as a small laptop can be difficult to navigate when many windows are open. But if you want to switch it up and work from the office (home or otherwise), down the street coffee shop, or from your dining table, this portable monitor is a good option. We liked it (9/10, wired recommendation), and you only need one cable to set it up. This version doesn’t have the touchscreen we like, but it’s still good if you don’t need a touch.

If you already have a (non-portable) monitor of your choice, consider mounting it. It’s a very small one so it’s not an eye spot, plus it weighs up to 20 pounds. Just make sure your monitor uses the VESA mount standard.

Webcam Deal

King Kiyo

Photo: Razor

We all look at ourselves in zoom meetings. Be kind to yourself and improve your lighting so you don’t feel like you haven’t slept all week. With our favorite webcam Razer Kiyo you get great lighting and a good HD (1080p) camera. The 82-degree field is slightly wider than most webcams.

The price of this camera has doubled since the epidemic hit, but it is a good webcam with an HD 1080p resolution and 78-degree view. It doesn’t have light like Kiwi, but it will work nicely on anything other than low light. It has a couple downsides. We didn’t like the fact that the microphone isn’t stereo in the mono, and it’s a small cord that makes it difficult to use with desktops (although laptops are fine).

Even at a discount, it’s a more expensive webcam, but it’s a good camera in Ankara and it’s in stock, which we can’t say for many webcams.

Mechanical keyboard deals

Steel Series Apex Pro

Photo: Steel series

Mechanical keyboards are often sold as “gaming” keyboards, but they are Too It is better for us to type nine-to-five. This color keyboard comes with all the bells and whistles, as well as a small LED display that shows the alertness and volume of your system. Each key can be customized according to your switch preferences.

If you prefer the loudest and click-clickest of keyboards, this is it. The switches are responsive and sensitive, great for gaming and work. Also, the keys are really designed to display switches ং and RBG lights.

If you never use arrows or a number pad, a 0 percent keyboard might be good for you. They take up less space and usually cost a little less, so your desk can maintain some harmony of order. It’s a 60-percent favorite of wired author Jess Gray because it’s just as responsive as your normal full-size keyboard.

Mouse Deal

Steel Series Prime

Photo: Steel series

For gaming keyboards, as we said above, gaming rats can be just as beautiful for regular computer work. And if you play games after work, you don’t have to change your setup completely. This Steel Series Prime Wireless Mouse is one of our favorite gaming rats to try. It should fit a bunch the size of a hand and it is quick and responsive. For those who work from different areas of the house, if you are connected to a PC tower, it has a good range.

The price of this mouse fluctuates, but it jumps to $ 150 so if you need a top-of-the-line gaming mouse this is a good time to buy. It has optical switch and response time less than 0.2 milliseconds, plus it is intuitive to use and ambidextrus.

Paper Planner Contract

Photo: Erin Kondren

A good planner will put your work-to-home life together. We don’t have a favorite because everyone has their choice, but we think pen and paper are better. Erin Kondren is a major player in the planning world, and at the moment the whole site is 25 percent off. Wired author Lauren Stramp calls Weekly Lifeplanner a “Rolex of Paper Planners.” It has three layout options (horizontal, vertical, or per hour) that you choose before checkout and you can further personalize your planner with monogrammed covers.

I love this planner. It has a wide vertical weekly layout so I can write down everything I need to do that week and every day, plus, it has beautiful artwork based on astrology and gives me helpful information about moon phases and planetary events.

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