13 best makeup and cosmetic bags in 2021

Gucci, Chanel, Dyer

A holiday facebook calls for your favorite beauty products, and you must protect your valuable merchandise! It’s no easy feat to wander around in a cosmetic bag full of makeup and skincare, but there are many options that turn packing into air. Whether you want to throw things in a bag or organize a tea party, a beautiful cosmetic bag is a necessity for every beauty obsessive. From bogies and pockets to luxurious designer logos, this makeup bag is the best choice for your vanity.

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Travel Vanity Case Italic Canvas

Dior’s diagonal print makes this vanity case a perfect treasure box for your tempting products.

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Beauty bag

Store your favorite Zen-Z approved makeup and skincare glossy signature in a pink cosmetic bag. The design features helpful measurements that show which products would fit in extra large pockets.

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Leather travel case set

Throw all your essentials in this flexible and stiff leather bag. Avoid clutter for easily removable microclimate interiors.

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Sleeve UV-Sanitizing Cosmetic Bag

This cosmetic bag has a simple built-in UV light that will keep your makeup tools clean and tidy.

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Ophidia GG Cosmetic Case

A very chic makeup bag or an equal chic chic? You decide.

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Snake train case set

Jazz your vanity with funny snake prints. This cosmetic bag has a zipper brush case to store all your beauty tools.

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Waterproof cosmetic bag

Heavy packers will love this set of cosmetic bags, perfect for storing in your suitcase. The material is waterproof with a removable lining and has multiple pockets for eyebrow pencils, makeup brushes and eyeliners.

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Toiletry bag with hanging hook

This Amazon pick has 17,000+ ratings for good reason. The transparent lining makes the products easy to find, while a hanging hook allows easy access.

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Cloth cosmetic bag

Another cosmetic bag that can be doubled as a clutch, this bag contains the iconic triangle logo of Prada in the enamel provided.

10 13’s

Small vanity case

If Barbie has a cosmetic bag, it will look like this beautiful pink vanity case from Chanel.

11 13’s

Nested host Duo

Share and conquer your makeup and skincare products with this 2-in-1 cosmetic bag. The mesh pouch has a plastic lining, which makes it leak-proof against liquid products.

12 13’s

Beauty Key Skin X Oscar de la Renta Collection

Oscar de la Renta teamed up with Clé de Peau to create this beautiful floral makeup pouch. Inside you’ll find creative director Laura Kim’s favorite skincare picks, such as Volumizing Cream Supreme and The Serum.

13 13’s

ba & sh X Fresh Summer Essentials Collection

Fresh and ba & sh’s straw cosmetic bags will look great in your vanity or paired with an airy summer outfit.

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